Book Review: From the Back Page to the Front Room


From the Back Page to the Front Room by Roger Domeneghetti
Published by Ockley Books
2014, £9.99

Our latest book review features yet another offering from the industrious Ockley Books, an enterprise that has left no stone unturned in producing quality offerings from the football blogging community. To review Roger Domeneghetti’s From the Back Page to the Front Roomwe have called upon Ollie Wright aka @derbycountyblog on …

Gender and Football: Belles, Balls and Bureaucracy


It’s 2012. I am standing on my old school field, in roughly the same spot where sixteen years earlier, during Year 8 PE, I face-planted the cinder-running track attempting the hurdles. I am one of a crowd of twenty or so watching a football match on the new 3G Astroturf. I am joking with one of the players warming up to go on. “A pint a goal, seems fair”. …

Gender and Football: What’s the Difference Between Me and You?


Clutching the baton from Rob – who focused on ideas around masculinity in yesterday’s piece – Nicky Borowiec continues our gender-themed series of posts by reflecting on whether her experiences as a football fan have been shaped by her sex. Nicky can be followed on twitter here.

This isn’t the first time that I’ve been asked to write about my experience as a female football fan. Previously, …

Gender and Football: Getting Stuck In


Even by the standards of Twitter’s water cooler moments, the debate over the award of the Ballon D’Or earlier this month had to be one of the most curious.

Cristiano Ronaldo emerged victorious but in the wake of the Real Madrid man’s accolade, most attention was directed towards England manager Roy Hodgson’s preference for Javier Mascherano. In a perplexing online assault, the magnitude of which perhaps only Adrian Chiles …

Gender and Football: Much Work to be Done

Japan progresses with a score of 2-0 over Brazil

Who would you use as an example if you wanted to illustrate the worst kind of idiocy or incompetence on the football field, or indeed in sport generally?

Several names, possibly the directors of major football clubs or members of the ITV commentary team, spring immediately to mind, but the answer, of course, is Your Nan.

Ask any Lad aged between eight and eighty who they’d use as …