Neil Warnock Week: The Argyle Years


Despite managing the Pilgrims for less than 100 games back in the nineties, Neil Warnock remains a firm favourite amongst Plymouth Argyle supporters today – so much so that his name continues to surface every time the team goes on a bad run of form. ‘Warnock would sort this mess out’, so goes the mantra.

At points, a return wouldn’t have been out of the question – not least …

Neil Warnock Week: Sheffield United’s ‘Bladey Bladeness’


By his own admission Neil Warnock is one of football’s most divisive characters. Loved by as many as he is hated by. Often within the fan-base of the club he is managing. That is no different at the club he supports and has managed.

He took over with the club reaching the lowest nadir in its recent history. Less than 10,000 fans were in Bramall Lane to watch Adrian …

Neil Warnock Week: Book Review: Made in Sheffield


Made in Sheffield: My Story by Neil Warnock with Oliver Holt
Published by Hodder and Stoughton
2008, £8.99

“Anyone who writes an autobiography”, opines former Slits guitarist Viv Albertine in the introduction to her brilliant memoir Clothes Music Boys, “is either a twat or broke.” Made in Sheffield: My Story bears out her theory. While not short of a bob or two (despite being aggrieved at having never gained …

Neil Warnock Week: The Battle of Bramall Lane – 13 years on


When scouring our memories for a figure who might be seen to best epitomise the lower leagues of English football, several names came to mind. Despite his having recently managed on several occasions in the Premier League, our thoughts kept on coming back to one man – Mr. Neil Warnock. Over the sequence of a few days, we shall be analysing Warnock in a number of posts, some of …

Book Review: The Club: Living the Dream at the Bottom of English Football


The Club: Living the Dream at the Bottom of English Football by Simon Akam
Published by Newsweek Insights
2014, £1.99

Simon Kuper, author of the outstanding Football Against the Enemy and the deeply flawed Soccernomics aka Why England Lose, is responsible for one of my least favourite quotes from modern footballing lore and one that Simon Akam, in this intriguing new book published in Newsweek’s excellent Insights series …