My Second Team: Reading

The latest in our My Second Team series of posts sees us welcome Tim Redmayne. Tim is a Lincoln fan/Reading season ticket holder and former award-winning motorsports journalist, writing for such titles as Autosport and Motorsport News. He now is Omnisport’s Senior Product Owner for sports editorial. He is in no way related to Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne, but he thanks you for asking. @timredmayne

Transfers, transfers, …

Book Review: The Sum of the Parts/Great Football League Teams 50: Reading 2005-6

The Sum of the Parts by Jon Keen
Published by Mickle Press
2016, £20.49

Records set outside the uppermost levels of football usually gain no more than a footnote in the record books and rarely enter the consciousness outside of the fan base of the clubs which have set them. Ten years on from posting a new highest points total for the second tier of English football aka the …

The Financial Underbelly: Reading

In Friday’s previous instalment in our series on the financial health of football clubs, Chris Lines described Reading Football Club’s attitude post-relegation in 2013 as a ‘dignified readjustment’. Here, Jon Keen delves deep in a bid to assess the financial health of the Royals.

When the guys at The Two Unfortunates asked me to put something together about the financial underbelly at Reading, the two words that sprang …

Promotion Tales: Reading FC and Disillusionment

Compared to the first occasion in 2006, it was with considerably less enthusiasm that I anticipated Reading Football Club’s second ever promotion to the top flight in the summer of 2012.

The feeling is never quite as good second time round of course — but there was also the sense that the club had blagged its way into the Premier League. Unforgettable victories at West Ham and Southampton in …

Synchronised Treading Water with Leeds United

Despite being one of the biggest club in the Championship, we have afforded less column inches than we should have done to Leeds United in recent years. Putting that right today, we are thrilled to welcome Gary Hartley to run the rule over the Whites in the Brian McDermott era and how that has impacted on his own feelings in relation to the club. Gary is the author of …