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The Two Unfortunates is the non-partisan website with an eye on the Football League.

Currently, our main series are ‘Great Football League Teams’ and ‘Hopeless Football League teams’ — both of which embrace the most memorable sides in the League’s history — as well as ‘Unexpected Rivalries’, a series which considers some of our member clubs’ lesser-known conflicts.

Our writers were initially drawn from a small pool of work colleagues and friends, but as the site has grown so has our list of contributors. So far, the following people have written for The Two Unfortunates since its inception in 2009:

William Abbs
Mohammed Yasser Aftab
Neil Allison
Kerry Andrew
Gary Andrews
Jon Arnold
Phil Ascough
Mike Baker
Gavin Barber
Ben Barrett
Richard Beecham
Max Bell
Peter Bell
Richard Bellis
James Bennett
David Bevan
Paul Binning
Tom Bodell
Nicky Borowiec
Tom Bourne
Kenn Bracey
Stephen Brandt
Jo Breen
Nathan Briant
Chris Bridger
Danny Brothers
Liz Broughton
Andy Brown
Rob Calver
David Cameron Walker
Terry Clague
Alex Cooke
Olly Cooper
Tom Clarke
David Cox
Mark Crossley
James Daly
Matthew Derbyshire
John Dobson
Rob Doolan
Terry Duffelen
Wesley Durbin
David Field
Duncan Fletcher
Tim Fletcher
Craig Fowlie
Stuart Fuller
Tom Furnival-Adams
Susan Gardiner
Russell George
Mike Gibbons
Al Gordon
Michael Graham
Pete Green
Brian Guerin
Andrew Harding
Paul Harper
Joe Harrison
Gary Hartley
Ben Hathaway
Simon Holt
Stan Horne
Stuart Howard-Cofield
Michael Hudson
Daniel Ivery
Tom Johnson
Laura Jones
Will Jones
Jon Keen
Niall Kennedy
Thom Kennedy
David Kim
Emily Kindleysides
Rob Langham (co-editor)
Lloyd Langman (co-editor)
Chris Ledger
John Leigh
Chris Lines
Phil Lloyd
Rob MacDonald
Will Mann
Fiona Martin
SJ Maskell
Chris Matthews
Ben Mayhew
John McGee
Jack Midson
Damian Mitchell
Dan Mobbs
Michael Moruzzi
Ronan Munro
Chris Nee
Jack Oldham
Adam Orton
Debra Orton
Paul Owens
Ian Palmer
Nick Parmenter
Ben Piggott
Alex Quayle
Ian Rands
David Rawson
Tim Redmayne
Nick Richards
Chris Roberts
Nick Roberts
Jonathan Rodgers
Matt Rowson
Matthew Rudd
Jamie Smith
Ben Summers
Sam Swaffield
Stefan Swift
Craig Telfer
Tom Victor
Chris Walker
Scott Walkinshaw
Steve Welsh
David Wilkinson
Paul Wilkinson
Luke Williamson
Roger Willis
Glen Wilson
Michael Wood
Ben Woolhead
Craig Worswick
Charlie Worthington
Ollie Wright
Steve Wright
Daniel Yeo
Mark Yesilevskiy
Gabriel Zakuani