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I can’t be certain, but would hazard a guess that if at 5.45pm on Sunday 24th May 2009 you’d turned to me and cheerfully opined that relegation from the top flight should be welcomed as just the tonic my beloved Newcastle Utd needed, I’d have been inclined to disagree, possibly violently. Hindsight being a wonderful thing and all that, but you’d have been proven right. Far from being (as the …

Window of opportunity or pane in the ass? Part 2

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We’ve covered the second tier’s January transfer window winners – now for the losers…

Nottingham Forest
The Tricky Trees may be routinely sweeping aside the opposition with the sort of free-flowing football any neutral fan would be happy to pay good money to see (or at least they were until Saturday’s defeat by – of all teams – Derby), but there’s a potential fly in the ointment: the thinness of …

Window of opportunity or pane in the ass? Part 1

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To adapt an old joke, when is a transfer window not a transfer window? When it’s ajar.

The significance of yesterday’s 5pm deadline for incoming transfers pales when you realise that at all levels the majority of the deals struck were loans and note that, after a week’s hiatus, such deals can continue to be made by Championship clubs until 23rd March.

Nevertheless, here’s a quick survey of January’s winners …

How soon is now?

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“How soon is now?”, asked The Smiths. As the dust settles on West Brom’s consecutive clashes with their two closest rivals at the top of the Championship, Nottingham Forest and Newcastle, we can ask much the same question with regard to promotion to the Premier League.

Let’s start with the division’s form side, Forest. Not only are they winning consistently, but they’re doing so with a remarkable panache and flair. …

What’s in a Name?

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This is a guest post from Ben Woolhead, co-founder of the esteemed Newcastle United Blog, Black and White and Read All Over. Ben turns his attention to the ongoing furore surrounding the naming rights to St. James’ Park.

Earlier this month it was announced that Newcastle owner Mike Ashley had taken it upon himself to rebrand St James’ Park with an unwieldy new name, crowbarring in a reference …