Keano: Now the Championship’s problem

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Speaking as a Corkman, I would be eager to talk Roy’s good side up: He always had focus and determination as a player; stands up for what he believes in; and had a tremendous first two seasons as Sunderland manager. However, the man’s a “complex” character, which as we all know is a euphemism for “borderline fruitcake”. This makes me wonder how long it will take before he throws a …

Do Irish players in the Championship get a fair shot at playing for their country? An Ode to Kevin Kilbane

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A favourite hobby of mine, and many other Irish football fans, is to Google the most recently capped Irish footballer to work out who the hell he is. Sean St Ledger? Leon Best? Martin Rowlands? It’s hard to imagine for an English football fan, but a fair few of these guys get sent out to play against Italy, France and Brazil, and aren’t always beaten.

“Of course the Irish lads …