Cherries picked off by Orient

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A lot has happened at AFC Bournemouth since we last featured their unlikely assault on the summit of League 1. Eddie Howe’s departure for the less genteel surroundings of Burnley’s Turf Moor was not without controversy and Cherries’ fans can be forgiven for hoping that the local hero would at least bring the season to its conclusion. The subsequent appointment of Lee Bradbury as his replacement was clearly driven by …

Crowded Out

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The final submission of proposals for the post-Games tenancy at London’s Olympic Stadium has prompted much discussion on the merits of co-habitation between athletics and football in both the print and virtual media this week. As football’s equivalent of Ivan Ivanovich and Ivan Nikiforovich’s quarrel draws to a conclusion, however, I wanted to spare a thought or several for the Football League club stuck on the sidelines of this undignified

New dawn at the Valley?

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Taking one’s time over a post can have its downsides. Having begun piecing together an assessment of Charlton Athletic’s situation following the announcement on 31 December that a long-awaited takeover had finally been completed, I didn’t expect quite yet to have to rip up (figuratively, of course) and start again. A feeling no doubt shared by most who filed into the Valley last Monday night.

The emphasis of

Change for change’s sake

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“For things to remain the same, everything must change.”

The words of Tancredi in The Leopard are as much a mantra for modern football as a commentary on 19th Century Italian politics. Every summer, managers file into press conferences and repeat one after the other: we can’t rest on our laurels… we must invest in the squad to maintain our position. And this seems reasonable enough. Injuries, big money transfers, …

The Thursday Preview: Brentford Vs Huddersfield Town

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With the weather once again predicted to reduce the Football League fixture list to a largely Championship-based rump, perhaps the clash scheduled to take place at Griffin Park on Saturday is a foolhardy choice for this week’s Preview. However, having focused on a West Yorkshire derby last time around, I wanted to look at what League 1 might have to offer.

The two teams concerned have done their very …