Whatever you say I am, that’s what I’m not

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Airing your opinions in public can be a chastening experience. In an arena as changeable as football, the potential for being proven wrong is ever present danger for the fan foolish enough to part with his two penn’orth.

I wasn’t the only one to roll my eyes at the notion of signing Ipswich reserve forward Kevin Lisbie. ‘At least if he’s on loan, we can send him back’ was the

The Thursday Preview: Burnley Vs Nottingham Forest

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First weekend of the new season, first Thursday Preview since we decided to expand our remit (or, rather, our respective clubs decided for us). Do we go for a League 2 fixture straight away or stick to our Championship guns? Such was the dilemma of the week. Romantics will fix their invariably misty eyes to the league in between and the still unlikely-seeming clash between Sheffield Wednesday and Dagenham and …

The Monday Profile: Clinton Morrison

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The careers of artists often follow a narrative arc of early promise, before a steady waining of powers until the reels of bad product outweigh the hits. As with Woody Allen, so too new Sheffield Wednesday recruit Clinton Morrison has failed to match the Oscar-winning heights of previous years.

As the most experienced of Sheffield Wednesday’s summer recruits, much will be expected of the ex-Crystal Palace striker. Sadly

A rock and a hard place

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It is no exaggeration to state that the news of Nigel Pearson’s appointment as the new manager of Hull City constituted the most unlikely defection since arch-Tory Quentin Davies crossed the floor to become a Labour minister in 2007. Following months of reports hinting at a raging financial crisis at the Sunshine Band Stadium, Pearson’s abandonment of a team which he guided to the League 1 title in

(More) Remembrance of the season past

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With the pre-season almost upon us, and a day bereft of World Cup action, our two ex-League 1 supporters took some time to reflect on the previous campaign.

Stanley: On a personal note, the season started sluggishly, but ended in celebration, victory in the play-off final providing a just reward for a hard-working and ruthless Millwall team. But what of the other 23 clubs? Despite opening with a catastrophe,