TTU Awards 2009/2010: Player of the Season

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In John Milton’s Paradise Lost, a man called Adam leaves a verdant paradise after his partner bites into an apple promising tantalizing greater knowledge. Unlike the biblical story on which the puritan poet’s great epic is based, the decision is painted in decidedly ambiguous terms: is it better to live out one’s days in comfortable surrounds or chance one’s arm at something more life-affirming?

Last Saturday at Wembley, …

TTU Awards 2009/2010: Young Player of the Season

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After a barnstorming first season in the Championship, Reading’s Gylfi Sigurà°sson is the recipient of TTU’s Young Player of the Season award. It was a funny old year for the Madejski boys as new manager and Great New Hope Brendan Rodgers ushered in a new brand of football only to be shown the exit after a mere six months in charge, but Sigurà°sson’s athleticism and touch of quality in the …

TTU Awards 2009/2010: Crimes Against Football

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He’s a sitting duck, but Richard Scudamore nonetheless edges it in the race for the Crimes Against Football gong. At the risk of sounding preachy, Sky’s ruthless bedfellow continues to grate on us unfortunates, and if the first few paragraphs of this Times piece don’t make you sick in your mouth a little then maybe you’re on the wrong site.

It’s not a simple case of biting the hand that …

TTU Awards 2009/2010: Worst Pitch

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Like our Worst Kit award, this category could have only been conceived with one particular culprit in mind. A combination of hosting arena concerts over three successive summers (Elton John, George Michael, Meatloaf, Westlife and Rod Stewart if you’re interested) and an intemperate couple of winters meant that Plymouth Argyle’s Home Park pitch was practically ruined before the campaign even began, and it soon became a second tier talking point;

TTU Awards 2009/2010: Best Ground

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How does this category differ from best away trip? Well, if your historic city centre has been overrun by chain pubs, become the stag party capital of the United Kingdom and enjoys the distinction of hosting Britain’s only branch of Hooters, then the positioning of the stadium in the opposite direction of downtown certainly helps…and as the egregious Tory Kirsty Allsopp would say, it’s all about location. The Trentside …