Blogging the Football League

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Blogging the Football League
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In the summer of 2011, we clubbed together with the now sadly retired The Seventy Two and decided to create The Football League Blog Network. This allowed for links of the best club blogs covering the NPower League to be gathered together in one place.

Blogging is rarely, if ever, a full time occupation and finding the time to maintain a website can be difficult. It has thus not escaped our attention that a few of the sites on the Network have been dormant for some months now.

Over the next few days, we’ll be updating the Network so would really like you to get in touch if you run a blog that covers a Football League club or would like to recommend one we don’t know about.

Better still, if you enjoy writing and feel that the team you support is not adequately covered by a good blog, we would really urge you to start one up.

In this, we would stress that a blog is quite distinct from a forum or message board — it can be run by a group of people and feature a range of contributors but is more regulated and generally provides a more considered, calmer view of a team’s fortunes.

In considering new blogs for the Network (and this missive is in no way meant to imply that we see ourselves as official arbiters of such activities), we feel that a site should post relatively frequently (a minimum of once monthly if a post is crafted and in depth; more often if the pieces are shorter and more news based) and generally provide more than just a tally of events.

Blogs will always find it hard to break news, so providing opinion and analysis that goes deeper than that provided by the mainstream press (tactics, finances, club policies, long term views of strategy etc., history and nostalgia) while avoiding blow by blow match reports (unless permeated with humour and an unusual angle or writing style) is recommended.

Equally, care over spelling, grammar and all those other old fashioned things is a requirement although creativity is to be encouraged. The internet has thrown up some wonderful football blogs over the past half-decade and the quality of much of the prose has awoken the eyes of the established media even.

Sites such as Bring Me the Head of Keith Mincher (Carlisle United) and Lion of Vienna Suite (Bolton Wanderers) really set a gold standard for club blogs — check out what they are doing and you won’t go far wrong.

General Football Blogs and those following Premier League, overseas and non-league clubs are listed at our TTU Recommends link in the left sidebar — we also welcome new suggestions here.

We are contactable via twitter at @twounfortunates, via the Contact form at the top of this page or via the comments section on this particular post.

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