The 25 Best Players in the Championship – as voted for by you: Part 20 of 25

The story of Middlesbrough’s Marvin Emnes and his time in British football so far is a three-part saga. And the third and current part is so successful at the time of writing that the as-yet unwritten fourth may concern his glorious return to the Premier League. Few could have seen it coming during the first period of his time with Boro.

Marvin Emnes (Middlesbrough)

I can split my experience of …

An alternative Championship league table – Middlesbrough leapfrog Cardiff City

Middlesbrough’s victory over Cardiff City at the weekend didn’t just take Boro three points clear of the Welsh side in the current Championship table. It also took them to the head of 2011’s alternative league standings.

After all, promotion and relegation are for losers. Especially if you support Cardiff, who persist with their constant flirting with getting out of the Championship without actually doing it. Maybe this year is their …

Middlesbrough and Derby County buck the ticketing trend

The excellent Leeds United blog The Scratching Shed (who you can follow on Twitter here, as long as you can cope with a bit of Elland Road-based bias) has put together the statistics you can find at the foot of this post on average attendances in the Championship and kindly couriered them down the M1 for a less specific audience.

They make for interesting reading, particularly given Leeds’s current …

Middlesbrough 2 Portsmouth 2: For the love of the Boro

As the Football League season returns into our lives, Maxwell Helyer is reminded of just why he has learned to love life outside of the Premier League.

In a fixture that was a Premier League clash just a couple of years ago, Pompey travelled up to the North East to enjoy some football underneath an atrocious thunderstorm, and watch a collection of eager 8 year old ball boys develop hypothermia.…

Championship league ladder: Middlesbrough up, Leeds United down

The Seventy Two’s Championship league ladder concludes with the thoughts of Chris Walker.

In brief, the idea will be that the table begins in the order that the Championship finished at the end of the 2010/11 season and a series of bloggers and journalists will each re-position one team further up and one team further down based on their thoughts over the summer. By the end, we will have