The Championship run-in: a very brief overview

At this stage of the Championship season, most teams have stabilised at a position that reflects their overall quality. There are some anomalies, of course, with Portsmouth perhaps the most pressing of these – Pompey have won their last five – but, generally speaking, you can measure the task ahead by a team’s league position.

So let’s do precisely that. Listed below is the current Championship table including the average …

The best that the Championship has to offer

It should go without saying but it seems worth re-enforcing that it would be difficult for any casual viewer to see every Football League team in action over the course of a season. Of the three divisions, the Championship certainly receives the most coverage but even this can be a devil to keep track of.

Things are made even trickier these days given the revolving door of short-term loan signings …

Football League bloggers round-up #3 – February 16th 2011

It’s time for The Seventy Two’s third round-up of the best posts (that I have found) on the subject of Football League clubs over the past fortnight. A bit of a bumper selection on this occasion, which will hopefully become the norm. Feel free to post anything excellent that I’ve missed in the Comments section.

The Equaliser1940s Month: Bob Jackson’s Pompey

Swiss RambleA Tale of Bristol

Are loan players distorting the Championship?

This season, more than any other, high profile loan signings from the Premier League are a huge feature of the Championship.

Only one club in the current top ten Championship sides, Coventry City, has taken to the field in the last month without a Premier League loan signing in its starting eleven. Rich Prew investigates.

Why the expansion in loan signings in 2010?

Part of the reason is the ever-increasing …

Sheffield Wednesday and the pride of association

How many supporters of Football League clubs would be able to run a site like this without resorting to petty name-calling and snide digs at rival teams or anyone who deigned to beat their own beloved boys in blue, red, green or a particularly fetching shade of pink? More than would previously have been likely…

One thing brings us together. Well, two things. But putting aside the general hatred of …