Clinging to a glorious past

For most fans of Football League clubs, the experience of going to watch our teams is very different to what it was in our youth. Notably, 26 clubs have moved grounds since the pioneer of this trend, Scunthorpe United, went from the Old Showground to Glanford Park in 1988. Rich Prew celebrates three vintage structures.

In these new grounds we find perfect sight-lines and excellently raked stands. We sit in …

Support and report #1 — Crystal Palace and Middlesbrough

Despite The Seventy Two being fortunate enough to regularly receive valued contributions from a small number of excellent writers, coverage of all 36 Football League games each weekend verges on the impossible.

In a bid to go some way to rectifying this, I will be inviting short reports from supporters up and down the country (and Wales…), so that the site can reflect feelings in the stands at more than

The Championship goes back to school

Three words that plagued me as a child. You would barely be out of the door for the final time at the start of the summer before those three words would appear in big, bold letters whenever you went anywhere near a shop. Three words that would magically become four when spoken out loud. Back to bloody school.

Alright, fine! I’m coming back, don’t worry! I don’t have much bloody …

Taking the plunge: Championship predictions

Okay, okay. Time to hold the old hands up. There are only twelve names here. A bit of a cop-out, perhaps, but nobody likes to see their team predicted to finish in or around the relegation places before the season kicks off. I’m sure Blackpool fans are already heartily sick of seeing their club’s name in the immediate vicinity of the number 20.

While, sadly, they will probably have no

Trio clinging to black and white blueprint

This time last year, turmoil surrounded Newcastle United Football Club. Owner Mike Ashley was reportedly desperate to sell up, living legend Alan Shearer had failed to prevent relegation from the Premiership and pre-season preparation for life in the Championship was patchy at best.

Fast forward a few months and the Magpies are back in the big time along with West Bromwich Albion, another club relegated last summer, while Middlesbrough have …