My Second Team: Sydney FC

Unless you have a lot of time on your hands or a lot of money, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll pick up a second team if you move away from your hometown. But despite moving to London, with a vibrant non-league scene, I somehow ended up falling in love with a side hundreds of thousands of miles from the UK that is almost the complete antithesis of my club, …

TTU Go Predicting: A Club-by-Club League 2 Preview 2016-17

Accrington Stanley

Regardless of whether Accrington went up last year, their team was destined to be broken up, such was their quality. With Matty Crooks and Josh Windass having already signed pre-contract agreements in January to join Rangers, Stanley have since seen fellow starters Piero Mingoia, Tom Davies and Ross Etheridge leave for a trio of League 2 rivals, rendering their squad bereft of the sheen that turned so many …

TTU Go Predicting: A Club-by-Club League 1 Preview 2016-17

Our League 1 preview this year is a joint effort between regular contributors Tom Furnival-Adams, a Coventry City supporter whose work has appeared in a host of organs including When Saturday Comes and The Guardian and Tom Bourne, the man we have called upon in the past to account for all things Port Vale. Each has taken 12 of the competing teams in the coming season’s third tier …

Eamonn Dolan, 1967-2016

When I first met then Exeter City manager Eamonn Dolan he stopped our interview midway through to give tactical advise to a youth team player. “I knew he was heading off and I wouldn’t get to see him until after his game at the weekend.”

When I spoke to him about seven years later to get a quick bit of background on a Reading player for an article I …

Book Review: Living on the Volcano

Living on the Volcano by Michael Calvin
Published by Century
2015, £7.99

Michael Calvin stands apart from the main crowd of football journalists in the United Kingdom. His previous book, The Nowhere Men was a fascinating expose of that unsung breed, club scouts; often more familiar with Watford Gap services than Watford FC.

That his next project has seen him turn his attention to club managers at first …