The Beeb’s Fan-Cam

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Perhaps it was just a coincidence, but this week’s episode of The Football League Show included as many as three dedicated shots of fans celebrating goals for their team. Viewers were treated first to a clip of a Norwich supporter Giving it Some towards what looked like an empty stand at Reading, before Leicester supporters were shown going beserk after one of their side’s two East Midlands derby goals. Finally, Manish and his team saved the best until last as a particularly incorrigible Sheffield United fan was captured trying to gurn the camera’s lens off through a series of giant man leaps.

It’s not the first time the cameras have turned away from the pitch, but the latter two shots, taken by stationary cameras wedged at the top of the stand, appeared to be pre-planned. Whether this is a new initiative, or the Beeb are so hard up that they’ve bought in CCTV shots to replace cameramen, it felt like the latest ‘thing’ since Setanta took cameras in to the dressing room. It has to be questioned whether these shots improve our enjoyment of the highlights, but you could say that it’s another way to reaffirm the community feel that the programme is going for. They’re just like us, and Manish really does know how many goals Chesterfield have scored at home without checking his notes and all that. Who knows, but it’s perhaps something to look out for.

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