TTU Awards 2010/2011: Best club website/blog

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First a caveat – it’s a starry age for the blogosphere and this award was voted for by the 7 or 8 people who most regularly post at The Two Unfortunates. So, if your blog or website didn’t get a mention this time, it’s not because we don’t think you’re great. Last year’s winner BHaPPY continues to excel and it was particularly heartening to see the return of the mighty SmogBlog.

Both were mentioned this time, along with the estimable Welly Pie Football Blog,  Girl on a Terrace, Viva Rovers, Boy from Brazil, Mist Rolling in from the Trent and the Peterborough United Football Blog.

But our winner this year is the relatively unheralded FC Boro, a Godsend when researching any article for TTU involving Stevenage FC – as Michael Wood of Boy From Brazil says, “any website that is prepared to write long, intelligent, opinion articles and any site that will go over 500 words should have more power to their elbow.” FC Boro certainly fits that bill and one particular piece on the talent under the local club’s nose was a simple masterpiece of observation.

Last Year’s winner: BHaPPY

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