TTU Awards 2011-12: Best Ground

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TTU Awards 2011-12: Best Ground
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This year’s award for Best Ground just has to go to Brighton’s AMEX. The wait may have been long and tortuous for the Seagulls but their new stadium is a strong addition to the 72’s roster.

It does have its criticisms: architecturally, it perhaps shares a little too much in common with the Starship Enterprise and the train ride back into town has been fraught with stress on some occasions, but overall the AMEX has delighted far more supporters than not with its clever use of space under the stands; local beers and pies; green credentials; padded seats and friendlier-than-average stewards.

A further 5,000 seats are due to be added over the summer, so the transport issues may yet cause further problems. Supporters shouldn’t let that put them off, however; we can’t guarantee a trip to an upwardly mobile Brighton will yield three points, but it’s right up there in terms of a general match day experience.

Honourable mentions go to Hereford’s Edgar Street for its sheer character, as well as Orient’s Brisbane Road, a lovely little ground. Some people don’t like the corner flats but many find them quite charming.

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  1. Lanterne Rouge
    June 6, 2012

    Distressed that fixture rescheduling turned what might have been an Easter Monday afternoon visit to the Amex into a non-trip the following evening – I was lucky enough to see a New York Mets baseball match a couple of years ago and was impressed with the presence of local businesses among the food options – how encouraging to see the same attitude fostered here in English football. After another hugely encouraging season for Albion, I wonder if they are ready now to have their new building grace the Premier League 14 months from now?

  2. Biscuitman
    June 6, 2012

    Also would’ve gone down to Brighton but for the Easter rescheduling. The local beers and pies is a fantastic idea, though I wouldn’t consider London Pride served to be local to Reading! Not given the number of excellent breweries in Berks and South Oxfordshire.

  3. Martin
    June 6, 2012

    I’m an Orient fan and even I’m surprised you mentioned Orient. The West Stand is a monstrosity, the North and South stands are decent, and the East Stand is falling apart. As for the flats, they block the sun to the pitch and are just part of the asset stripping of the club by Hearn.


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