TTU Awards 2011-12: Crimes against Football

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TTU Awards 2011-12: Crimes against Football
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Of course ‘crime’ is an emotive word — not least in the current climate where ‘innocent ‘til proven guilty’ is, perhaps rightly, followed to the nth degree as a principle. Hence, events of February 8 proved that a certain Serb is by no means a tax evader although he’ll be grateful that no members of our judging panel were called to jury service that day.

Elsewhere, and as copiously documented by Glen Wilson in these pages and at the now defunct Viva Rovers, the hierarchy at a South Yorkshire fortress surrounded by water decided to ditch a decade of meticulous, slow progress in favour of a quick, unsuccessful French fix; while across the Pennines, a proud set of lilywhites became prone to whitewashing decisions on the future of players with the invidious horror of management speak.

But the cause celà¨bre that inspired our very first article on relaunching the site in January wins out, namely the 46 clubs that voted in favour of the Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP). The Premier League’s blackmail was disgraceful, but wholly in keeping with their business practices; the Football League’s supine acquiescence in selling their own future is unforgivable.

Dishonourable mentions to a Scot who has recently abandoned an airport club in Sussex and taken to milling, a headset wearer out of London’s East End whose airborne attacks recalled Bomber Harris in that they were ultimately successful (albeit brutal) and a West Yorkshire based snarler who sent a team out to perform GBH on the Champions elect — attempting to revive the spirit of Golgotha on Good Friday.

2010-11 winner: MK Dons
2009-10 winner: R. Scudamore

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