TTU’s Goodreads 07-12-12

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TTU’s Goodreads 07-12-12
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It’s not easy to write about football in a purposely humorous way. When I’ve tried, it’s more than often backfired, crowbarred references to things being like things never coming out quite as amusingly as intended.

But the three pieces we’ve designated this week all manage to pull it off, one way or another.

Ground 217: Zimbru Stadium, Chişinău, The Accidental Groundhopper

Michael Hudson keeps it short in his summary of Dacia ChiÅŸinău Vs Iskra Stal, happily so in a way given the description of Moldova’s capital city. Let’s hope Moldova’s tourism board don’t stumble upon it.

The Evil That Men Do: Harry Redknapp, Regista

Two mentions in as many weeks for Regista. Here, Michael Moruzzi does his best to present the case for Harry Redknapp, but you get the sense by the end of the piece that he’s fooling no one, not least himself. Or maybe that’s just me.

Stu Brothers’s Notts Country Roundup, Left Lion

Finally, Stu Brothers popped up on Nottingham website Left Lion this week with a great little column on County’s recent form. Every city and town should have one of these.

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