Used and Abused

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Despite having already cast doubt over the size and quality of Blackpool’s squad like a spurned ex-lover, even I was surprised to see that Ian Holloway had stooped to bring in lower league merchants Mark Hudson and Adam Nowland on short-term deals earlier this week. Speaking ahead of the ‘pool’s League Cup tie at Crewe, Holloway said of the midfield duo: “Hopefully they’ll show some freshness and emergency as they want a job.” And a job, the emphasis being on the singular, was what they got. Today, just three days after both played 90 minutes in a 2-1 win, with Nowland scoring on his return to the club, Holloway announced that he’d seen enough. Having been clearly exploited for their free-agency to make up the numbers in a no-frills Mickey Mouse Cup game, both of these subbies will no doubt return from whence they came. It’s just a shame that no one had the heart to tell Nowland the plan.

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  1. Jack Mayflower
    August 18, 2009

    I can't help feeling Holloway's ruse was almost an admirable return to the mythical past. Who amongst us has never had the dream of turning up at a ground as a fan and be told “Get your boots …… you're playing”. At a time of high unemployment, I assume the dreamers were paid well for their efforts….. sort of a one night stand for a couple of jobbing actors.
    I can see it now, down at the Job Centre ….
    “Any work or change in your circumstances Mr Hudson ?”
    “No, not really Miss Williams, it's hard out there. I've got an interview next Wednesday as a Sous Chef … oh… and I did play a mid week Champions League game for Chelsea”


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