World Poetry Day: celebrating the Championship’s top six

Today is World Poetry Day. There will be a few blogs floating around the internet today celebrating football through poetry, so here is one to kick things off. With just eight games left this season for the Championship’s top six, there is now little margin for error. As the pressure builds, let the poetry begin!

Queen’s Park Rangers

There was a team called QPR,
At their centre, an African star,
from Tottenham they nabbed,
the Moroccan Taarabt,
Believe me, that boy will go far.

Norwich City

There once was a striker from Norwich,
Up front he would forage and forage,
The local paper did host a,
Free Grant Holt poster,
My girlfriend thought he was in porridge.

Swansea City

There was a supporter from Swansea,
Who thought that their football was poncey,
This passing stuff’s neat,
But to make us complete,
Sign a big bloke like Steven N’Zonzi.

Cardiff City

There was a team called Cardiff City,
And lots of their football is pretty,
But still there are moans,
About poor Dave Jones,
Because they’re not overly gritty.

Leeds United

There was a team called Leeds United,
Their fans were completely delighted,
For when Beckford left,
They were not bereft,
Max Gradel will get them excited.

Nottingham Forest

There was a team, Nottingham Forest,
They had no need for a florist,
More taken with trees,
Than flowers, you see,
And Lee Camp is better than Lloris.

Here endeth the lyrical flow,
Just one thing before we go,
If you can do better,
Then don’t send a letter,
Write it down in the comments below.

Blog carnival

Look out for more football poetry on other blogs today.

Next up is The Two Unfortunates!

The Seventy Two
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  1. Lanterne Rouge
    March 21, 2011

    Look out for our effort at 10am

  2. William
    March 21, 2011

    Grant Holt was found guilty of a motoring offence last year. Funny, it’s always when they’re driving away from Norwich…


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