The Argument: Is There Too Much Football on TV?

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The Argument: Is There Too Much Football on TV?

When did being a football fan start to feel like such hard work? It’s not that there’s more football in the world than there used to be. What’s changed is the availability and exposure of it all. Anybody with the right sort of television package, mobile phone contract or internet connection should never go more than 24 hours without a game to watch. Live football dominates the sports channels’ …

Season Long Loans and Interclub Alliances

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Season Long Loans and Interclub Alliances

‘You’re actually rooting for the clothes,’ goes the Jerry Seinfeld quip about what it means to be a sports fan. The same person that you once cheered for, he explains, turns into the object of your resentment if he ever has the temerity to face your team in the colours of another side: ‘BOO! Different shirt!’ You could say that deconstructing the relationship between fan and team to such a …

The Monday Profile: Ian Henderson

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Being dubbed a young player with promise is sometimes the cruellest thing that can happen to a footballer. As contemporaries in the Norwich City youth set-up a decade ago, Ian Henderson and Ryan Jarvis made their first team debuts within six months of each other. In November 2002, Henderson scored as a substitute in his second Canaries appearance. Jarvis, the more precocious of the pair, was the star striker of

The football fan as flà¢neur

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Earlier this week on The Two Unfortunates, David Cox presented the case that fans should have their football allegiance determined by where they grow up. You can read his excellent article here.

The promotion of his hometown club to the Premier League a few nights ago, however, got William Abbs thinking about a particular kind of sadness felt in adulthood by fans who, as children, opted not to support their …

How do you solve a problem like Paul Ince?

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His early coaching success now a distant memory, Paul Ince found himself out of a job once again this month after leaving relegation-threatened Notts County. With several of his former Manchester United teammates having enjoyed relatively straightforward routes into top-level management, is it circumstance or something else that’s holding back Ince’s managerial career?

The latest change of manager at Notts County attracted press coverage mainly centred around Martin Allen’s admission