5-1… but did Doncaster deserve defeat?

The ball ran harmlessly through to the goalkeeper. At least, that what it first appeared was happening. The full-back was shepherding. The goalkeeper was collecting. Then one of the quickest players in the division appeared, as if from nowhere, and suddenly Doncaster Rovers had a penalty to defend and a bizarre refereeing decision to attack.

Lloyd Dyer raced to close Neil Sullivan down and the decision, bafflingly enough, was that …

Is your club getting value for money from agents?

The Football League has published a list of total fees paid to agents by each club during the 2009/10 season. The figures in full can be found here.

By way of some brief analysis, The Seventy Two ranked every Football League club in order of how much they spent on agents and then cross-referenced this with last year’s finishing positions.

The end result is the table found below. It …

SOD’s law: can Sean O’Driscoll make the step up?

Concern over whether second-tier clubs can hang onto their star players can, at least, be temporarily suspended once the summer transfer window slams shut. Managers, on the other hand, can be prised away at any time of year.

And while the Premier League usually has the courtesy of actually getting started with the odd game or two before belching up a managerial vacancy for half of the Championship to fret …

The Championship goes back to school

Three words that plagued me as a child. You would barely be out of the door for the final time at the start of the summer before those three words would appear in big, bold letters whenever you went anywhere near a shop. Three words that would magically become four when spoken out loud. Back to bloody school.

Alright, fine! I’m coming back, don’t worry! I don’t have much bloody …