East v West (Midlands)

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West Brom continue their attempt to match achievement with expectation tomorrow with another tough game. In what is probably the pick of the weekend’s ties, the Baggies travel East to the City Ground for their first meeting with the Reds of Nottingham in five years. West Brom went up that season, and most have them down for another return to the Top Table, and rightly so. With adventurous full-backs and goal scoring midfielders aplenty, the Baggies should end up having one of best home records in the league, but trips to the likes of Forest will be the real yardstick. Billy Davies’s well-documented summer spending-spree has seen Forest emerge as a possible contender for this season’s dark horse and, while defensively-vulnerable at the time of writing, no team will enjoy an easy game there in the next year. A winning start on the road could propel the Baggies to a good early run; with their next three away games reading newly-promoted Peterborough in midweek, Sheffield United and Middlesbrough, they could certainly do with it.

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  1. Jack Mayflower
    August 14, 2009

    For many, many years now, the second tier has been awash with Midlands hum drum…… conurbation football at it's most inert. I base this absoloute fact on so many memories of forgettable highlights described by inconsequential ITV commentators. Through all of these televised Midland drizzles, only one thing ever interested me …. how far back did the Holt end go. On the TV it seemed for ever, but it was so quiet …. like an audio tardis in reverse. Now I've grown up, I know all about the Holt End, and have even hollered there myself.
    The trouble is, now the BBC are likely to be reawakening the Midlands drizzle, and in real unedited time, I'm concerned for my sanity.

    However, if there were two teams that could possibly interest me, it would indeed be Albion and Forest. And why ? …. Forest for the memory of Clough, Woodcock and Robertson et al, the like of which we are unlikely to see ever again …. and Albion, for being one of the few clubs in the country, let alone the Midlands, who have always had a more Southerly desire to play football as it should be played…. oh, and Greening has to be the best middle man in the division.
    In the end, one of these teams will be promoted this year, but will I see the rebirth of magic in the Midlands ? … I doubt it. Where are all the new Dougans, the new Kenny Hibbits ? are they all into estate agency ? I'm serious, where are they ?

  2. Frank Heaven
    August 16, 2009

    I'm afraid the desire to play football as it should be played appears to have gone, to be replaced by a style more reminiscent of 1960s Italy.

    As for a rebirth of magic in the region – depends if there are any more wealthy Arabs out there.

  3. Lloyd
    August 16, 2009

    Without wishing to offend our Midlands readership, you're quite right on the first point. Trips to Leicester, Derby, Wolves, Birmingham and Walsall are all quite avoidable. I'm intrigued by Burton, though.

    On playing football being a more southernly desire, I'm not so sure: you don't get much more southernly than Plymouth, and we have rarely played the simple game. Maybe you mean a London desire to play football? QPR, Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs… Even Orient and Barnet have been known to mix it up.


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