Legitimising the illegitimate

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The prospect of AFC Wimbledon v MK Dons in the FA Cup Second Round has been portrayed as a mouthwatering opportunity for the former to gain a measure of revenge. Only – as you might have surmised from Lanterne Rouge’s much-discussed piece on Franchise FC not so long ago – they don’t see it that way themselves. In this article one blogger spells out why.

Ben is a long-suffering Newcastle Utd supporter (is there any other kind?) who co-founded and co-wrote Black & White & Read All Over, a blog that, over the course of a decade, chronicled the ups, downs, chaos and calamity of the club he has the misfortune to follow. Since the blog hung up its boots in May 2014 (note: not as a mark of respect for Shola Ameobi leaving St James’ Park), he has contented himself with sporadic, splenetic Twitter outbursts and shamefully rare contributions to The Two Unfortunates. He is currently haunted by visions of Joe Kinnear returning to the club for a third spell and pondering whether he’ll live to see another victory over the Mackems, but at least has a cardboard coathanger with Robert Lee’s head on it for consolation.


  1. Lanterne Rouge
    November 10, 2010

    Although I explored how far one should go in ignoring MK Dons in my piece, I would stress the word ignore. I agree with the author that anticipating the match with relish legitimizes MK Don's right to exist but the only response to this is simply not to show up -violence should not be entertained. My fellow blogger Scarf, known to jump off a few tables shouting “COME ON!” in his time might feel differently.

  2. Optimistic Don
    November 11, 2010

    I wish I had a pound for every MK Franchise apologist who, after an appropriate amount of guilt removing self flagellation, find only one rationalisation of their continued 'acceptance' of the illegitimate MK club. i.e. lets all 'MOVE ON', I would now be rich enough to buy their club and dissolve it overnight. Wimbledon fans are moving on as fast as they can back to our stolen league position but, as the nation will find out if this game ever happens, they will “never forgive, never forget”.


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