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This post hasn’t got too much to do with the Cocaleague, but two advertising campaigns caught my attention at the weekend, and not in a good way. First, leafing through my copy of The Guardian’s Guide magazine on a train to England’s Northwest, I was flabbergasted by a two page spread proclaiming the christening of the new England away kit by Kasabian, live in Paris. Our’s is a free country and to an extent, so is France, but how annoyed can one be by the sight of these charmless chug rockers leaping on the World Cup bandwaggon and do they really think this will sell more shirts amongst right thinking people? Back to the advertising drawing board.

Then, in an otherwise quiet Match of the Day Two featuring our own Neil Warnock, the action was spliced by a superhumanly unfunny trailer for Sport Relief featuring James Corden and members of the Manchester United first team. Corden disappeared from view for a few months over the wintertime, presumably stung by a vicious backlash in response to his ubiquitousness of 2008 and 2009. He has ventured back into the limelight way too soon for this piece of punch-the-TV-annoying ‘humour’. Please give generously to Sport Relief – they’ll need the money to hire a new PR department.

Rob Langham
Rob Langham is co-founder of the defiantly non-partisan football league blog, The Two Unfortunates, a website that occasionally strays into covering issues of wider importance. He's 50 and lives in Oxford while retaining his boyhood support of Reading FC. He tweets as @twounfortunates and has written for a number of websites and publications including The Inside Left, When Saturday Comes, In Bed with Maradona, Futbolgrad and The Blizzard as well as being nominated for the Football Supporters' Federation Blogger of the Year Award in 2013.


  1. gerschenkron
    March 16, 2010

    “do they really think this will sell more shirts amongst right thinking people?”.

    Er, whilst you're right about the “Granada Men and Motors Indie” Kasabian, I don't think the FA cares about targetting “right-minded” people at all? They are the English FA – right? Have you seen their fans recently?

    I must admit that I did actually chuckle at the shot where Corden is screaming at Rooney – it was like a before and after shot or something. In fairness, I was criminally hungover at the time.

    Please can we have an entire post on Sport Relief? Please? It's face-kickingly annoying at times.

  2. Ben
    March 16, 2010

    Re: Kasabian and the England shirt – my thoughts exactly…

    I saw a clip of Corden's 'sketch' with Andy Murray when he was on 'Friday Night with Jonathan Ross' – awful. Needless to say, Rio 'You've Been Merked' Ferdinand was behind coralling the Man Utd squad into participating.

  3. Vaclav
    March 17, 2010

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