TTU Awards 2009/2010: Best Ground

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How does this category differ from best away trip? Well, if your historic city centre has been overrun by chain pubs, become the stag party capital of the United Kingdom and enjoys the distinction of hosting Britain’s only branch of Hooters, then the positioning of the stadium in the opposite direction of downtown certainly helps…and as the egregious Tory Kirsty Allsopp would say, it’s all about location. The Trentside aspect of the City Ground, a venue for European Cup semi finals, just across the way from the cricket pitch and a little down the road from the bargain basement Meadow Lane never fails to please. Add to that a group of playerswho must start next season as title favourites and the reliably scarlet hot atmosphere at the Forest should be positively singeing next term.

This is a controversial category explored informally and enjoyably over the comments section on these pages before. Honourable mentions to Peterborough for their standing areas, Plymouth for the old stand at Home Park (despite the shameful obliteration of Archibald Leitch’s criss-cross by advertising) and Sheffield Wednesday, a ground that would surely win hands down were it not for its desperately tragic past.
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  1. Ben
    June 1, 2010

    Very true – it's an extraordinary congregation of sporting grounds right by the Trent, which always makes for a great atmosphere. A sports fan's Mecca. That said, I won't hear a bad word about Nottingham generally – warts and all…

  2. Frank Heaven
    June 6, 2010

    Hmm, your reasons for choosing the City Ground sound more appropriate for the 'Best Away Trip' category.

    'Best Ground' suggests the physical fabric of the stadium, and on that basis, Forest are flirting with the relegation places.

    The corner where the away end joins the Brian Clough Stand can best be described as a botch job, and why is the roof lower towards the main stand, as if they ran out of cash?

    The new Trent End is smart enough, but will never win any architectural awards.

    Best ground in the league? I wouldn't even say it's the best ground in the East Midlands.


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