TTU Awards 2009/2010

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It’s been a pretty lively first term for TTU. Established in June 2009, we set out to try to capture a little of the second tier’s je ne sais quois. Now, almost a year later, we think it’s safe to say that the division has lived up to its billing: the Magpies have sent us all packing, Ian Holloway has gone and pulled off an Owen Coyle and one of the original two unfortunates’ teams has dropped out of the league, tearing up our rationale before we really got started.

Lanterne Rouge and myself last week met up to watch the Play-Off Final with some of the stragglers that we’ve picked up along the season’s road. In between plotting grand plans for the future, we discussed the year that’s passed and for the next week we’ll be posting the fruits of our conversation by way of a series of Awards. Starting with Loan of the Season and ending with Team of the Year, we’ll also be running through the following categories over the next seven days: Bargain Buy; Biggest Flop; Best Fans; Best Website/blog; Best and Worst Kit; Best Away Trip; Best Ground; Worst Pitch; Crimes against Football; Young Player of the Year; Player of the Year; and Manager of the Year.

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