TTU Awards 2012-13: Crimes against Football

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TTU Awards 2012-13: Crimes against Football
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In a less competitive year, that podgy tosser Steve Evans and his nasty-piece-of-work sidekick Paul Raynor might have had this category sewn up, so tiresome is their relentless abuse of officials.

Similarly, Richard Scudamore and the Premier League would have been worthy winners, their blackmail tactics having once again divided the Football League’s clubs over the issue of parachute and solidarity payments.

Elsewhere, surely no one would wish Sisu on even their staunchest of rivals and Blackburn’s attitude towards managerial stability as well as Watford’s exploitation of the loan system justifies scorn in equal measure.

But, this year, how can we look beyond the sizeable portion of Cardiff fans who so submissively embraced red, with some even going so far as to castigate those who had the temerity to criticise? An owner deciding to change the club colours for commercial gain is, unfortunately, not a huge surprise these days, but the subsequent eagerness of so many supporters to sell their club’s soul and identity in exchange for Premier League status surely represents a new low and the fact that some are now kicking up a fuss over the shade of red in the new kit is beyond parody. Shame on them.

2011-12 winner:  EPPP Sympathisers
2010-11 winner: MK Dons
2009-10 winner: R. Scudamore

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  1. Ed
    June 6, 2013

    Your unexplained critisism of Watford seems odd, given the other articles on Watford on TTU this season. Also, seems at odds with the good coverage here on the perils of football finances.

    • Lanterne Rouge
      June 6, 2013

      Good point Ed – it’s true that we have mainly been favourable to Watford on the site and I think while I myself am not 100% comfortable with the whole Pozzo project, I’m not in the business of throwing stones in glass houses like Ian Holloway – my team Reading have poached staff members such as Aidy Mariappa and Brendan Rodgers from the ‘Orns and the minute one gets on one’s high horse in football, one is always likely to take a fall.

      That said, we canvassed a number of our regular bloggers and opinions varied – and Watford’s inclusion was the opinion of one person. Having featured him a year ago, it has been disappointing to see Sean Murray feature so irregularly over the past 12 months so no Watford supporter’s view should be unequivocally in favour of the whole slightly odd scenario but on balance, the improvement in the style of play and the way that Vicarage Road is no longer such a humdrum place to visit are pluses for me personally.

      I should also say that the majority of Cardiff City fans and bloggers we interact with on twitter and elsewhere were firmly against the change to red.

      • Ed
        June 6, 2013

        I am a happy Watford fan, as happy as I’ve been with my club in many years, but don’t think I’ve ever be 100% when it comes to football ownership. There are so many unknowns and pitfalls. Like a political career most football ownerships are best judged after the term has ended, and the majority unfavorably. But there’s a long way between 100% happy and lumping us in a sentence what the Venky’s are persistently afflicting on Blackburn fans.

        Watford fans are jumpy on the topic. Because things are going well and we don’t want it derailed, yes, but also so much is factually incorrect or unbalanced – and is used to justify criticism. To give two quick examples. 1) It is said Watford have downgraded their academy from Cat 1 to Cat 3 – it never was a Cat 1 – we were touted as maybe eligible for Cat 1 when the EPPP system was introduced, but the previous management were pretty doubtful of our changes to afford it before the Pozzo’s took over. There has been no evidence of a reduction in spending in the academy. 2) It is stated if a Watford player does well, the this new owner can take him away and keep the money – this theoretical situation this has always been the case, we’re privately owned as are most of the league clubs.

        An occasional contributor here, I’m interested Matt Rowson’s view on Sean Murray for this season, appearing soon on the BHappy blog. My own, less cultured, brief view is that he had the chance and didn’t perform. It’s interesting reading Matt’s views on Sean Dyche from the end of last season: “I still utterly disagree with [the manager’s] approach to managing young players. … And the cost of bulking the squad out with some rather average players, ultimately, in combination with the drop from seven to five subs, is that our kids got far less game time.”

        There is a lot more detail here: I don’t want to paste it all.

        This season we have fielded 8 academy players which is the second most in the Championship after Middlesbrough. Simply put: things weren’t rosy before and soiled now.

        I liked the line in the ”worst kit’ award that you tackle serious areas of football and then get most engagement from the readers when you label something best or worst. I too am guilty of this, though I keep returning because of the weightier topics covered. Thanks for another great year of the blog.

        • Matt Rowson
          June 7, 2013

          Well said Ed. LR, you suggest that only one of your pundits mentioned Watford, but then cited the exploitation of the loan system as “worthy of derision”. Get a handful of supporters in a room and you’ll find most things are worthy of derision on a similar basis.

          Criticism of Watford’s approach is short sighted and based in theory (what might happen) or ignorance (sometimes jealousy) rather than fact. Like Ed, I’m delighted with Watford at the moment and this only increases with time, grotesque new kits notwithstanding.

          I stand by what I said about Dyche, much as he did a brilliant job in the circumstances his approach to playing kids was conservative and short-sighted. Murray… yes, he’s actually the next one I’ve got lined up to write… :)

  2. Lanterne Rouge
    June 7, 2013

    I myself would probably not have used ‘the ‘in equal measure’ line but we have attempted to reflect the views of those who voted in our limited poll . Looking forward to the Murray write up on BHaPPY.

    I think how Watford line up for 2013-14 will be interesting – too much change in personnel and fans may start to feel disconnected with the process – but I believe Forestieri for one is on a long contract and who wasn’t roaring with approval when Lloyd Doyley put in that inch perfect tackle at Wembley?

  3. Matt Rowson
    June 7, 2013

    It would take a lot to upset the fanbase at the moment I think… but you’re right, continuity always helpful. Forestieri was signed on a five and a half year deal in January and many of the remaining “loans” will be offered permanent deals. However inevitably some didn’t work out, won’t want to move permanently and/or might get tempted somewhere else. We’ll see. Very positive though.

    Incidentally Murray, Connor Smith, Tommie Hoban and Bernard Mensah all signed long-term deals during the season, a season in which we used as many homegrown players as anyone in the division bar Middlesbrough.

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