TTU’s Goodreads: 01-03-13

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TTU’s Goodreads: 01-03-13

There’s no theme to our Goodreads this week. Rather these are simply three fantastic pieces.

Chalobah — a new hope for Chelsea? Regista

We ran a Monday Profile column — focusing on a particular Football League player or manager —for a good couple of years, only to quietly retire it once the shackles of its weekly demands became too much of a burden. But we miss it, sometimes, when there’s an individual who’s worth writing about, whether because of an interesting backstory, the fact he’s in the news or the way in which no one else seems to have written much about him.

So, we love it when we come across similar kinds of pieces on other sites, such as Regista’s profile of Nathaniel Chalobah. Ridiculously talented, born in Freetown, Sierra Leone, potentially capable of stepping into Chelsea’s first team squad from next season onwards…there’s not a lot about Chalobah that doesn’t seem worth writing about…

The day the football died, Oxblogger

This week’s nominee for best nostalgia goes to…

This, a short tale of the different ways that the lives of two Oxford fans have unravelled over the years since childhood was a joy to read, and represents Oxblogger’s second appearance on Goodreads. One of the best club-specific blogs around.

Cultured left foot. Great engine. Dates men. ShortList

There’s perhaps been less comment pieces regarding Robbie Rogers over the last few weeks than we’d have expected. Or at least decent ones.

But this, from ShortList magazine, is just great, making a sharp comparison with anti-racist movements of 25 years or so ago, and highlighting some of the work particular clubs are doing across the country to counter and educate prejudice.

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