TTU’s Goodreads: 04-01-13

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TTU’s Goodreads: 04-01-13

Here at TTU, we’ve all headed back to work this week. Helping to ease the pain have been a number of well researched and written articles, as you’d perhaps expect on the back of a holiday season which for many provides the kind of time and space which is unattainable in and around normal working weeks.

The Best of Football Writing in 2012, A Football Report

As we’re wont to do on this site, our recommend list begins this week with another list. Headed proudly by our very own Rob Langham’s post on Speaking Out on the Internet, this selection of articles represents a fine year’s work by professionals and mere enthusiasts alike and will have provided a neat distraction for any reluctant worker heading back to the office this week.

The Ten Commandments of Goalkeeping Attire, Two Hundred Percent

The quantity of coverage generated by Two Hundred Percent is quite staggering. With articles such as this — from Ian King — however, they prove again that rate of postage needn’t come at the expense of quality. Here, King – in the manner of one Scroobius Pip — takes us through a sequence of 10 rules that goalkeepers should adhere by, no doubt tickling a few bellies along the way. Taken from #10, “Nothing on a football pitch says ‘I’ve given up’ quite like a goalkeeper with their shirt untucked.” Quite.

Well, you know Robbie…Shebby Singh does 606, 2nd Yellow

So Henning Berg was a bit shit. But that doesn’t absolve the Blackburn board — whomever that comprises these days — of responsibility for his appointment or the continued open-air, all-out shambles that the club insists on portraying itself as. One of the latest episodes, a live interview with Rovers’ Global Advisor Shebby Singh — will have done little to allay supporters’ fears and embarrassment. Mark Chalcraft followed up with a nice prà©cis here.

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