TTU’s Goodreads: 11-1-13

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TTU’s Goodreads: 11-1-13
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This week’s three selections all provide fuel for overarching themes of the day – ticket prices alone have begun to cause such a brouhaha that one can imagine a blog being instituted in order to deal with that topic and that topic alone:

The Real Cost of being a fan in the Premier League, The Boot Room

Regular Blizzard contributor Iain Macintosh has proved to be one of the wittiest writers and disarming tweeters in recent years and this latest post from the Southend United supporter was always bound to be popular with us in its critique of those who hide behind partisanship rather than speak out against their own club’s venal policies. It is perhaps a reminder to Arsenal fans that it will be Trevor from Burnage who’ll be asked to stump up £62 for a ticket for the Emirates and not Sheikh Mansour. For more on the topic, check out Gary Andrews’ piece for us from yesterday.

The Champions League’s Effect on Lower League Attendances, From Inside Right?

Marco Jackson was one of the very best writers to be published by The Seventy Two, our fellow Football League site that unfortunately called it a day last year. Marco now gathers many of his musings together at From Inside Right? and this latest post sees him in determined form, filleting conclusions from the policies of TV schedulers.

The ‘different route’ that lifted Swansea from doldrums to delirium, The Guardian

We recently highlighted Just Football’s analysis of how Swansea City continue to transform themselves via on pitch revolution. However, the off the field history of the South Wales club has been just as influential in putting them where they are now. Here, The Guardian’s David Conn highlights a shining beacon for supporter involvement on the board.

The Two Unfortunates
The non-partisan website with an eye on the Football League

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