TTU’s Goodreads: 25-01-13

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TTU’s Goodreads: 25-01-13
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Trawling through the week’s activity on the football blogosphere, here are our top three recommendations:

When the others score, Narrow the Angle

It’s great when someone writes about a topic that’s crossed your mind before. A mate of ours was overjoyed at the sight of an article on one of his guilty pleasures — goal nets — in When Saturday Comes a few years ago and we had a similar experience this lunchtime upon coming across ‘When the others score’ on Narrow the Angle. Honing in on those few seconds which follow a goal scored by opposition, Chris Lines tries to put into words the feelings of gloom that accompany these dire, yet inevitable, moments.

The Week Southampton Football Club Joined The Asylum, Dispatches From a Football Sofa

We strive to highlight the diversity of football writing that exists on the net, shedding light on those blogs and websites which are just starting out, or those which don’t get as much credit as they ought. But when someone’s writing is as consistently excellent as Greg Theoharis’s is, it’s difficult to mix these Goodreads posts up.

Once again, Greg does a fine job in bringing an original view to the table, this time in relation to Nigel Adkins’ sacking at Saints which is blamed on Jose Mourinho. Confused? You won’t be if you read on…

Ballboys & Belgians, Barn Door Banjos

We had to point to an article commenting on what happened at the Liberty on Wednesday night… So, an interesting-looking blog that is new to us — Barn Door Banjos — gets our seal, mainly due to the excellent ‘You’re the ref’ metaphor. We’ll be keeping an interested eye on BDB.

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