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A short while ago, When Saturday Comes asked readers to nominate their favourite football websites, blogs and Twitter feeds, and January’s issue, released last Wednesday, presents the results.

This blog tendered a syndicate of Championship-related blogs, and one of them, Viva Rovers, as relishable as the football Doncaster play, won a Bronze. Ever faithful to our posse of 24, thetwounfortunates was sorry to see no mention of Black & White & Red All Over, BHaPPY, Smog Blog, or Through the seasons before us, good reads all, but the competition was tough. General football sounds a little reductive and doesn’t do two of WSC‘s favourite sites justice, but that’s the easiest way to term twohundredpercent and Pitch Invasion. The former, decidedly non-commercial, covers a plethora of diverse issues and news with staggering rapidity and, more importantly, does so engagingly. Its founder, Ian King, must have had a spring in his step on Wednesday because he’s a contributor to Pitch Invasion, too, along with 11 others, including Bill Turianski, of Bill’s Sport’s Maps fame.
Just like message boards a few years ago, blogging is starting to seep into fan culture, and while a large percentage of supporters are still oblivious, we think that the future’s bright for thoughtful football writing. Quality may vary, but those at WSC might have worried about a conflict of interests in promoting other sources of comment and opinion. They should be congratulated, then, for their willingness to nurture the rise of webzines. As long as they maintain their peerless coverage, WSC will remain at the heart of it all: the hub for all those seeking refuge from the inane.
is co-editor of The Two Unfortunates. He's 31, supports Plymouth Argyle and takes a particular interest in the fortunes of those Football League clubs west of Bristol. He tweets @lloydlangman.

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  1. Ben
    December 14, 2009

    Cheers Lloyd. A year down the line and I reckon you might be in with a shout yourselves.

    I should add Viva Rovers is a worthy Bronze winner. Must investigate some of the other sites, though.


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