Scudamore: an Affront to Women, Not Just Football

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Scudamore: an Affront to Women, Not Just Football

Words can reduce a person to an object
Something more easy to hate
An inanimate entity, completely disposable
No problem to obliterate.
The Language of Violence – Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy

Why are the voices of women almost silent in the Richard Scudamore case?

Apart from what I thought was an excellent article in The Guardian by Marina Hyde, I have been watching the recent debate in the …

In Defence of Pitch Invasions

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In Defence of Pitch Invasions

In August 2013, the International Business Times website published an article with the headline: ‘EXCLUSIVE: New Hooligan Fears as FA Allows Pitch Invasions to go Unpunished.’

Accompanied by a photograph of an anonymous supporter looking vaguely jubilant as he’s carried off by four stewards, it went on to explain that ‘the Football Association will not issue immediate punishments to clubs whose fans invade the pitch, despite the ugly scenes …