The Championship goes back to school

Three words that plagued me as a child. You would barely be out of the door for the final time at the start of the summer before those three words would appear in big, bold letters whenever you went anywhere near a shop. Three words that would magically become four when spoken out loud. Back to bloody school.

Alright, fine! I’m coming back, don’t worry! I don’t have much bloody …

Midlands clash displays contrasting styles

Approaching the halfway point in the pre-season schedule, most teams are now settling on the formation with which they will begin their league campaigns. In a pre-season friendly at Sixfields tonight, contrasting styles demonstrated the dilemma currently faced by Football League managers.

League Two hopefuls Northampton Town, under boss Ian Sampson, fielded a 4-2-3-1 formation with two deep-lying central midfielders, Nathaniel Wedderburn and Abdul Osman, shielding the back four. Further …

The three best Championship signings so far this summer

To date, it has been a relatively quiet summer in terms of Championship transfer news. Perhaps managers are too busy watching the World Cup to care about such insignificant matters at the moment and the chequebooks will come out next week. In the majority of cases, the more obvious explanation would be that the chairman has conveniently mislaid all means of payment in these troubling economic times.

We have watched …