The Thursday Preview: Bournemouth Vs Chesterfield

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Forgive me for suggesting this, but this bottom of the table match seems a lot less special an occasion than the last time these two met. That game marked the passage into the history books of one of the few remaining `proper’ English football grounds, Saltergate, rendering the 2-1 win for the home side frankly irrelevant. But for that day’s visitors, the game was the culmination of a …

The Monday Profile: Kieran Agard

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This week’s Monday Profile comes from our Yeovil previewer Ben Barrett, whose writings can usually be found at

Browsing through the BBC Sport pages, you quickly learn that there really have been a lot of comings and goings this summer. Some, like Aguero and Nasri, attract worldwide media attention. Others, such as those who join clubs in League 1 or 2, get a few words and a picture, …

The Thursday Preview: Peterborough Vs Ipswich

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With the top two from last year’s League 1 table being transposed atop the Championship, it is perhaps understandable that much attention has been focused on the South Coast mutual dislike society, Southampton and Brighton. However, the third of the promoted clubs have also made an encouraging start to their campaign.

Wednesday’s creditable draw at the Den might not have been the best team performance so far this season, …

The Monday Profile: Paul Hayes

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The phrase `yo-yo club’ is well established in the football lexicon, but is there also such a thing as a yo-yo player? While Michael Chopra himself might not reply in the affirmative, fans of Sunderland probably would. It was, though, the subject of another recent transfer further down the Football League, Paul Hayes, that brought the notion to mind.

Every club has them. The players who look so adept …

Neil Harris: Looking Forward

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Yesterday marked the end of an era at the Den. Neil Harris’ departure for the northern shore of the Thames Estuary brought to an end a second spell in Millwall blue and put a downer on many a Millwall supporter’s afternoon.

It had been obvious for some time that we were watching a club legend in action. I can’t think of many other players who have achieved two promotions with …