Conversations with Scott Walkinshaw (Oxford United)

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In the third installment in our Conversations series, I speak to Scott Walkinshaw, Oxford supporter and curator of that fine Yellows blog, Oxblogger. It’s been a busy summer thus far for the Us, and we speak about their recent transfer activity, as well as drilling a little deeper into ownership issues, the role of the Supporters’ Trust and the ways in which a period out of the League can

Conversations with Glen Wilson (Doncaster)

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Here, in the second piece posted in our evolving Conversations series, Glen Wilson of that gold-standard webzine Viva Rovers tells us where he thinks it went wrong for Doncaster this season and talks about his thoughts in regards to the state of football in South Yorkshire and the way things are going in the Football League blogosphere. A further post is planned with Ian Rands, chief hack over at A

Conversations with Matt Rowson (Watford)

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140 characters or less may have become the standard form of communication between football bloggers and supporters on the net, but our new Conversations with … series looks to broaden and further the debates that so often begin on Giggs’ nemesis, the website formerly known as Twitter. Honing in on the state of play at a particular club each time, these interview-type pieces between ourselves and supporters of individual teams