Curious Events at Hull City

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Curious Events at Hull City

A regular contributor to TTU, Phil Ascough is the author of Kissing the Badge, a book that recalls the twenty years of the Premier League in quiz format. A fan of Hull City, he here turns his hand to the curious events of the past week at the club. He can be followed on Twitter at @philascough.

As bombshells go, to Hull City fans it was right up …

Nigel Pearson: From East Riding to East Midlands?

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Nigel Pearson: From East Riding to East Midlands?
Phil Ascough has contributed a number of excellent pieces to The Two Unfortunates over recent months. Here, the author of Kissing the Badge attempts to get his head round the worst kept secret in this week’s football league:I guess we’ll find out some time today – possibly by the time you read this – whether Hull City need a new manager.Nigel Pearson is reported to be interested in

What to do with an International Weekend

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What to do with an International Weekend

In recent weeks, fellow blogger Lloyd and I have perhaps become unfaithful to the nominal brief of this site. First, I opted to join a clutch of writerly comrades at Colliers Wood United’s Wibbandune Sports Ground for the FA Cup tie against Chessington and Hook United. Then, a few weeks later, and in the same competition, we teamed up for a local derby between Oxford City and Didcot Town

Book Review: Glory, Goals and Greed

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Glory, Goals & Greed: Twenty Years of the Premier League

By Joe Lovejoy
Published by Mainstream, August 2011
£11.99 (Paperback)
ISBN: 978-1845-96768-0Our latest book review comes by way of Phil Ascough, a regular contributor to TTU and author of Kissing the Badge, reviewed in these pages last month.

In pitching my ideas for Kissing The Badge to Bloomsbury, other options also made the short list. My favourite, a

Which is Hull City’s Greatest team?

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For our latest post. we are delighted to welcome back Phil Ascough; his musings the result of a debate with a mate in the pub as to which XI has most distinguished the amber and black of Hull City. We are particularly pleased because Phil has been very busy lately on a new book, Kissing the Badge, to be published next month but available for pre-order now. The