Facing Up to Footballers’ Faults

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Our latest guest post comes from our occasional wit and raconteur, Russell George. The Bard of Great Dunmow is, incredibly, one of two Manchester United fans on our author team, but gained nororiety for an attack on the behemoth that is Sky Sports in his previous effort for us. This sophomore outing once again sees Russell in fine satirical form:By the time you read this, Wayne Rooney’s vehement

Peace and Goodwill

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In his latest piece for TTU, Russell George writes about the affection he holds for friends’ teams, and considers the motives behind these casual allegiances.

I felt surprisingly ambiguous about Dagenham & Redbridge’s win in the League 2 play off final. Which is only surprising because I was born in Redbridge. It says Redbridge in my passport, international proof that I am, for better or worse, a Redbridgite. They should …

It’s not a whole new ball game, actually

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Writing his first piece for The Two Unfortunates, Russell George shares the reasons behind his decision to drop Sky Sports after the season’s end.

It’s probably odd timing for me to ditch my Sky Sports subscription. Ofcom’s recent verdict means that, barring a successful appeal from Murdoch towers this summer, Sky’s football coverage will be cheaper next season. But money isn’t the main reason I’m getting rid of Sky.