Book Review: Small Town Dreams

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Book Review: Small Town Dreams

Small Town Dreams
by J. F. Cumming
Published by de CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
2016, £12.99

Today, we are very pleased to welcome Ronan Munro to The Two Unfortunates. Ronan is Editor of the long-running and legendary Oxford music magazine, Nightshift but unbeknown to most of those who follow this august publication, Ronan’s loyalty to Oxford most certainly does not extend itself to football. As a Wycombe Wanderers supporter, …

Book Review: Touching Distance

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Book Review: Touching Distance

Touching Distance
by Martin Hardy
Published by de Coubertin Books
2015, £18.99

According to clichà©, no one remembers losers. Try telling that to us Newcastle United fans who lived every glorious, painful minute of the 1995—6 Premier League season. Certainly Martin Hardy’s Touching Distance argues no such thing; instead, the book makes a convincing case that, on the contrary, in that particular season the losers were the ones worth remembering.…

Book Review: Football, Corruption and Lies

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Book Review: Football, Corruption and Lies

Football, Corruption and Lies
by John Sugden and Alan Tomlinson
Published by Routledge
2017, £19.99

So FIFA is corrupt. As observations go, it’s up there with the assertion that there are a few cars on the M25 – but, as with all truisms, it’s cathartic to explore to just how great a degree the blindingly obvious is true and why it is so.

Football Corruption and Lies is essentially …

Book Review: Saturday, 3pm

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Book Review: Saturday, 3pm

Saturday, 3pm
by Daniel Gray
Published by Bloomsbury
2016, £8.99

There’s much to be disappointed about in ‘modern football’ as it has come to be known and Daniel Gray commences his new book with a quick list of the more visible and agonising abuses.

However, that would be to misrepresent what he sets out to achieve for Saturday 3pm is a an elegiac, poetic tribute to what there is …

Book Review: The Routledge Handbook of Football Studies

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Book Review: The Routledge Handbook of Football Studies

The Routledge Handbook of Football Studies
edited by John Hughson, Kevin Moore, Ramà³n Spaaij and Joseph Maguire
Published by Routledge
2017, £150

Academic publishers have performed an invaluable service in recent times via the production of so-called handbooks, one-stop summaries of a field aimed at advanced students, postgraduates, libraries, researchers and policy makers with some crossover to the generally interested reader on occasion.

With football a serious topic of …