Mental Health Awareness Week: Book Review: Retired

Mental Health Awareness Week: Book Review: Retired

Retired by Alan Gernon
Published by Pitch Publishing
2016, £9.99

As we have established over our series of articles this week, footballers and football supporters are by no means exempt from the fact that a quarter of people suffer from mental health disorders. That these conditions are established as illnesses is also undeniable and great strides have been made in in recent years to help the wider public recognise …

Book Review: The Bottom Corner

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Book Review: The Bottom Corner

The Bottom Corner
by Nige Tassell
Published by Yellow Jersey Press

Non-League Football has enjoyed something of a renaissance in the internet age – news of its oddities spread quicker, youtube viewings of outrageous halfway line goals are common, results are available at fingertips and there will always be a small corner of the web to focus on your particular obsession.

But it’s the morass-like nature of Non-League …

Book Review: Blowing the Whistle

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Book Review: Blowing the Whistle

Blowing the Whistle (Anpfiff)
by Toni Schumacher
Published by Star
1987, £2.99 (Amazon)

It’s now thirty years since the publication of Harald (Toni) Schumacher’s Blowing the Whistle and its German-language precursor, Anpfiff but there are far more reasons than a mere anniversary to dust down a volume that made an explosive impact on its release.

Schumacher was one of the leading footballers of the 1980s as evidenced by his …

Book Review: Small Town Dreams

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Book Review: Small Town Dreams

Small Town Dreams
by J. F. Cumming
Published by de CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
2016, £12.99

Today, we are very pleased to welcome Ronan Munro to The Two Unfortunates. Ronan is Editor of the long-running and legendary Oxford music magazine, Nightshift but unbeknown to most of those who follow this august publication, Ronan’s loyalty to Oxford most certainly does not extend itself to football. As a Wycombe Wanderers supporter, …

Book Review: Touching Distance

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Book Review: Touching Distance

Touching Distance
by Martin Hardy
Published by de Coubertin Books
2015, £18.99

According to clichà©, no one remembers losers. Try telling that to us Newcastle United fans who lived every glorious, painful minute of the 1995—6 Premier League season. Certainly Martin Hardy’s Touching Distance argues no such thing; instead, the book makes a convincing case that, on the contrary, in that particular season the losers were the ones worth remembering.…