Football League bloggers round-up #2 – January 29th 2011

Every fortnight during 2011, The Seventy Two will round up the best football writing about clubs in the Championship, League One and League Two on other blogs across the world wide web. The second of these regular round-ups features posts from Zonal Marking, European Football Weekends, A United View On Football, Gib Football Show and The Two Unfortunates.

The aim with future round-ups will be to feature more club-specific blogs …

A Blade, a Terrier and a Cumbrian – Arsenal’s Football League loanees #1

Arsenal – just a training academy, according to Patrice Evra. If anything, though, the most important learning curve of all for Gunners youngsters is their grounding out on loan in the Football League. Ian Rands, Andrew Gibney and John Byrne take a look at three of Arsenal’s young prospects currently on temporary Football League duty.

Kyle Bartley (Sheffield United)
Ian Rands

Kyle Bartley is now in his second spell …

A short history of Carlisle United’s most wanted

Carlisle United’s Gary Madine is amongst the top scorers in League One. Watched every week by a throng of Premier League and Championship scouts, Madine is finally beginning to fulfil the reputation earmarked for him by the Cumbrians’ hierarchy.

But this time last year the outlook wasn’t so great — Madine was out of form, out of favour and constantly in trouble with the police. This culminated in an arrest …

An afternoon in with Jeff

A man sits at a desk. Dominating that desk, paper. Surrounding his feet, scrunched up paper. He clutches the hair behind each temple and slowly twists it to form a tricorne. If he smoked, he’d be doing so in a furiously repetitive manner. If he drank, he would be necking back whisky. Whisky and coffee. Whisky, coffee, cigarettes and writer’s block.

Time passes and the twelfth hour strikes. Inspiration came …