Great Football League Teams 5: Newcastle United 1992-3

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In June 2010 my beloved black and whites cantered to the second tier title, just as we had done seventeen years previously. But the circumstances were vastly different. At the beginning of the 2009-10 campaign, we were a rabble – shorn of many of our supposedly best players, crippled with financial concerns, demoralised by (amongst other things) a 6-1 pre-season drubbing at Leyton Orient, without a permanent manager at …

Great Football League Teams 4: Cambridge United 1991-2

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For a series purporting to cover great teams, our second East Anglian choice of recent weeks perhaps takes liberties with the brief. For just as Alf Ramsey, for all Ray Crawford’s goals, is synonymous with the success of Ipswich Town; so Cambridge United are personified by John Beck. Indeed, as one Abbeyite contributor to When Saturday Comes put it, he’s “our loony”.

For Beck represented the militant paramilitary …

Great Football League Teams 3: Ipswich Town 1960-1

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When Ipswich Town lost 4-0 at Scunthorpe United’s Old Show Ground in August 1960, no man would have predicted their ascension to become Champions of England less than two years later. Contrary to impressions of the era, average gates at Portman Road were modest at an average of 15,095, and the club had only emerged from the Third Division South in 1957.

You may have heard of the man in …

Great Football League Teams 2: Manchester City 1988-9

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Great? Probably not in the conventional sense of the term, but Manchester City’s promoted side of 1988-89 deserve the label for their sheer likeability. City trailed Champions Chelsea by 17 points at season end, and were roundly humiliated by the Blues in the run in, a match that saw the Graham Roberts inspired Londoners canter to a 3-0 lead before stepping off the gas at Maine Road. They had also …

Great Football League Teams 1: Leeds United 1989-90

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The 1980s could not have been more miserable for Leeds United. Unfortunate to suffer an eight year sojourn outside Division 1 at a time when football reached its lowest ebb and beset by hooliganism and low gates, it was a decade of despair matched only by their recent, financially driven decline. Lowlights included Paul Petts’ hat-trick in a 5-1 defeat at Gay Meadow in 1983 and a 5-0 tonking by