Please don’t come back and bore us

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Having previously trained our collective microscope on the departed Wolves and Burnley and their chances of avoiding rejoining us all in a year’s time, it’s now Birmingham City’s turn. Few articles that have featured the Blues in recent times have omitted the phrase “yo yo club” and this close season’s column inches will be no different. I must admit to being thankful for the second city side’s most recent parting …

Sky Blues

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Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee’s excellent comment piece on Rupert Murdoch’s latest shenanigans brings an annual dilemma back to the forefront of my mind. While clubs prepare for the new season by renewing acquaintances with their local non-league feeders or by embarking on their annual globetrot, I, like many thousands of fans, carry out my own pre-season ritual: to recommence an internal battle over whether to subscribe to a TV sports …

Non-League News

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This month’s WSC carries a fitting tribute to Tony Kempster, the man behind the eponymous Tony’s English Football Site, who recently passed away. Listing results, tables and crowds all the way down to Level 7 of the league pyramid as well as a mine of related information, this cornucopian trove brought thousands of fans from across the country (and world) together. Thetwounfortunates will have done well to have acheived …

Promotion for Palace?: That’s Preposterous

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Neil Warnock’s recent capture of Darren Ambrose after a short drive across the boroughs of Southwark and Greenwich appears to be a sensible enough purchase for Crystal Palace, even if the 25 year old’s career is on the wane. A starlet at Ipswich, Ambrose was on the fringes at Newcastle before a five year spell as an Addick that has seen him relegated twice. The brylcreem using utility man has …

Do Irish players in the Championship get a fair shot at playing for their country? An Ode to Kevin Kilbane

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A favourite hobby of mine, and many other Irish football fans, is to Google the most recently capped Irish footballer to work out who the hell he is. Sean St Ledger? Leon Best? Martin Rowlands? It’s hard to imagine for an English football fan, but a fair few of these guys get sent out to play against Italy, France and Brazil, and aren’t always beaten.

“Of course the Irish lads …