The Not So Secret Footballer #2: Interest from abroad

Jack Midson’s first article was extremely well-received – it is already the second most popular piece on the site and drew interest from all corners of the globe, much like Jack himself by the sounds of it – as you can read below…

Firstly, many thanks for the positive response to last week’s article. Here are some answers to some of the questions asked.

Regarding the questions about the timing of managers’ holidays, I think most will wisely use the time directly after the season finishes to watch players in any games that may still remain for other leagues and initially approach players they are interested in signing.

Some that have recently been appointed as a manager of a club may have been out of work previously and already will have booked holidays so have to go as they need a life other than football. I think most managers like to get their squad sorted before they go away, but this can be hard as new players become available all the time. Their work is, more or less, never ending.

As a player, I’d also like to get my new move sorted out before I go away in June. You need a rest and it’s not ideal going away and your phone going off 24/7, talking to managers and agents and sorting things out! I’d like to know where I’m going to be playing and living so I can start to make mental and physical preparations.

I am enjoying my time off. I have rested my muscles a bit, have been on a couple of runs and done some press-ups, sit-ups and weights. I like to keep myself ticking over before the holiday period so I don’t lose too much fitness before pre-season training.

I have been contacted by a few more clubs recently. Not naming any names though – I have to keep some things to myself. I’m sure everyone will find out in time when I sign with a club. I might even write about the other clubs I spoke with prior to signing and my reasons for choosing the team I did if anyone is interested.

Interest has come in from up north, the Midlands, down south and even as far afield as Turkey and Sweden. There is obviously a lot more to think about when considering a team abroad, but I always weigh up the pros and cons of signing with a team before committing and never write any club off until the day the deal has been done.

Location is a big factor to me but wherever I sign, I’ll have to relocate and find a house nearby to the training ground and/or the stadium. Also, length of contract and money come into it and, although I love playing football, these things understandably have to be right.

Certain sacrifices have to be made if one of the above is not right, but if I get two out of the three I’ll be happy and aim to make the most of it!

Free agent news

There seems to have been few developments in the contract situations of two of the Coventry City players we focused on in this column last week – there is still little news regarding Keiren Westwood and Aron Gunnarsson, although Westwood is said to be a target for both Everton and Leicester City.

Marlon King, on the other hand, is rumoured to be close to signing a new deal at the Ricoh Arena.

The most interesting free-agent move in the Football League so far sees Brighton striker Glenn Murray moving from the Seagulls to the Eagles. Murray will pitch up at Selhurst Park for pre-season, a move which will intensify the rivalry between Brighton and Crystal Palace – a fixture which was already keenly anticipated by fans of both clubs.

Inspired in part by The Guardian’s The Secret Footballer series.

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The Seventy Two
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  1. Mike Midson
    May 23, 2011

    Well done on your second piece Jack, and I am really pleased that you are getting some enquiries from Clubs both at home and abroad.
    Also pleased that you are still maintaining your fitness regime and not putting yourself out to summer pastures….Ist month of the new season is always where the fitness counts and marks the standard for the rest of the season. A club with 4 games and 4 wins during that first period dictates the pace and is there or thereabouts when it really matters.
    Sure that any club that gets you will benefit greatly so make sure your agent gets you the “RIGHT DEAL” as David Dickerson( Mr Mahogany!) would say.

    Best Regards as always

  2. Ryan Keaney
    May 23, 2011

    Another interesting article. Good to see that there is plenty of interest in you.

    How do you work out how to keep your fitness levels up in pre-season? Do you just do a lot of general work that you would do regularly or is there a schedule that you have perfected and worked on through each post- and pre-season.

    Would be massively interested to discover some reasoning when you do eventually sign with a club.

    Also, do you and your agent keep in contact with other players out of work? Is there some tipping off to clubs looking for certain roles to be filled? And if so, how is everyone getting on? Have they had the same interest as you or can’t you mention the clubs you’ve spoken to just incase their phone has been quiet?

    Really enjoying this series.


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