Why you might want to catch Rise and Shine: The Jay Demerit Story

Tomorrow sees the first of two days on which you can catch a screening of a new film about former Watford defender Jay Demerit. The remarkable story behind “Rise and Shine” has been recounted in part by Simon Burnton in The Guardian but one element of the tale stands out from that article from April 2011 – the fact that £92,500 had to be raised in order for the film to be shown in public.

There is more information on why this funding was required on the Kickstarter website that helped film-makers Nick Lewis and Ranko Tutulugdzija (whose own incredible story is also told by Burnton) reach their goal. Now, of course, that dream has been achieved. It makes for a neat parallel strand to the main storyline – that of Demerit’s rise from non-league football to the World Cup.

And what about the film itself? This is where I have to come clean. I’ve only seen half of it. Sent an electronic review copy several days ago, I initially struggled to download it and, leaving no margin for error, got halfway through watching when the picture froze.

It isn’t a situation which lends itself to publicising something, but there was enough in that half to make me think Rise and Shine is worth seeing. While not for everybody – it seems more geared for an American audience than a British one and be prepared for the irritation of Jay’s English friend including the word “like” seven times in every sentence – this is a film which shows football from an outsider’s perspective.

I don’t like reviews which reveal important parts of the narrative so I won’t go into a huge amount of detail here but the nature of Demerit’s Watford debut was an eye-opener for me. And if that download doesn’t work, I’ll be paying a visit to the cinema…


Rise and Shine is being screened on Tuesday 17th January and Sunday 29th January. Find out where your nearest screening is on the Odeon website.

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