Crossing the north-south divide: Preston 2 Coventry 1

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Being called love by the barmaid was a sign I was in the north; having to wait several minutes to be served was proof that she’d clocked a southerner. It was my fault for being under thirty and dressed in a cardigan. This scene took place on Saturday when, as I previewed last week, I made the journey up to Preston from London to meet a friend from Glasgow …

The Thursday Preview: Preston Vs Coventry

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For someone with such a glowing complexion, Phil Brown is a notoriously difficult man for the neutral to warm to. When a good friend of mine currently living/exiled in Glasgow (the same friend who offered directions to Selhurst Park in this post) suggested we take in a match at a venue somewhere relatively equidistant between us on the West Coast Main Line, however, it came down to a choice …

The Monday Profile: Jamie Cureton

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When Andy Gray, as was his wont, offered Norwich City’s then 19-year-old striker some sage advice about a young player having to get used to robust tackles if he was to make it in the Premier League, even the former Sky analyst’s famed levels of prescience probably didn’t foresee that Jamie Cureton would be enjoying his first and last season of top flight football while still only a teenager. …

Cheap entry at Charlton, but at what cost?

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The Valley boasted the Football League’s third-highest attendance on Saturday as a crowd of 24,767 was tempted to SE7 by the offer of £5 tickets for Charlton’s League One game against Exeter. Cut-price entry is obviously an easy way for a club seeking strong support for a particular fixture to get more people than usual through the turnstiles and, with promotional deals likely to be a feature of West Ham’s …

Distance is relative for London’s neighbouring clubs

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Following his recent signing from Saha From The Madding Crowd, a navigation error on the way to watch Crystal Palace unexpectedly turned William Abbs’ thoughts to the future of Leyton Orient.

“Depending on if you’re coming from Thornton Heath or Norwood Junction,” my friend’s text to me read, “you’ll approach a Sainsbury’s or a stand that I thought was a supermarket.” It was then that I realised my mistake.