Book Review: Football’s 12 Apostles: The Making of the League, 1886-1889

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Football’s Twelve Apostles
By Thomas Taw
Published by Desert Island Books
April 2006, £16.99, ISBN: 9781905328093

Maybe it’s the hype and money – not to mention scandal – in present-day football, or maybe I’m just getting old, but I find myself increasingly drawn to nostalgia-laden accounts of the game from more innocent times.

Which is what made me pick up Thomas Taw’s account of the Football League’s formation, at the …

Book Review: Big Fry

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Big Fry
By Barry Fry and Phil Rostron
Published by Collins Willow
2000, From 1p (Amazon), 978-0002-189491

Barry Fry’s autobiography is now ten years old, but I thought it would be informative to return to it as a Nineties period piece – a time capsule shedding light on the wheeler-dealing of that decade and before. Old school managers like Harry Redknapp and Tony Pulis are currently undergoing a revival in …

Book Review: Watford FC on This Day

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Watford FC on This Day
By Matt Rowson
Published by Pitch Publishing (Brighton) Ltd.
August 2009, £9.99, ISBN: 978-1-9054114-7-4

Memories are often conjured up by sensations. As Proust’s nameless hero bites into the madeleine, the physical rush of the tea soaked cake brings childhood reminiscences flooding back. Hence for Watford fans, a wander down a Mediterranean sidewalk in blazing sunshine might remind them of the time they took a cheeky …

Book Review: Big Mal

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Big Mal: The High Life and Hard Times of Malcolm Allison, Football Legend
By David Tossell
September 2009, £7.99, ISBN: 9781845964788

We recently introduced to the sidebar a table of links to some football-related book reviews that we (well, mostly LR) have written, either on here or Goodreads. Having since enjoyed two splendidly thoughtful pieces from LR on Inverting the Pyramid and Why England Lose, I thought that

Book Review: Why England Lose (Soccernomics)

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Why England Lose
By Simon Kuper and Stefan Szymanski
Published by Harper Collins
August 2009, £15.99, ISBN: 978-0-00-730111-9

This book has been eagerly anticipated on a range of fronts. Simon Kuper’s freshman effort, Football Against the Enemy was widely admired on its publication back in 1994 and his involvement in this new venture would always attract attention; but Stefan Szymanski’s rise to prominence, while less noticeable to the public at