The Thursday Preview: Scunthorpe Vs Manchester City

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I’m not sure what we expect from the Cup at the moment but, Reading and Leeds aside, this year’s has been another disappointing sideshow up to now. Seeing United and Liverpool stutter on home turf before millions on national TV is nice, but not much more than that. Maybe I’m being a little sceptical, but both ‘giant-killings’ were tinged by the fact that the Davids, neither of which would …

The Thursday Preview: Barnsley Vs Sheffield Wednesday

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For obvious reasons, the match of the weekend is probably West Brom’s trip to Newcastle, or at least that’s what the media will tell us. Rather than toeing the line, I think I’ll leave that to others and focus instead on a game of true Championship grit which will almost certainly be every bit as entertaining: Mark Robin’s up-and-at-’em Barnsley at home to Sheffield Wednesday, led for the first time …

The Thursday Preview: Leicester Vs Ipswich

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Blue on Blue. City versus Town. Fox against Tractor. It may just be me, but there’s something a bit prosaic about the idea of previewing Sunday’s game between Leicester and Ipswich, the clubs’ second meeting of the season following an August stalemate. As part of a weekly effort to bring our readers (our families are very supportive) something reliable and consistent, I’ll hereafter be putting the Unfortunate spotlight on one