Malcolm Allison

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Some months ago, I wrote of my surprise in discovering that Malcom Allison was still clinging on to life in a Sale nursing home. Having assumed that he’d been put to rest many moons ago since there was little if any mention of him in the media, I was dumb struck by the closing chapter of David Tossell’s recent biography of the man, which painted a sorrowful picture of what were to be his final days.

In my short review of the book, I bemoaned the absence of such personalities in today’s game. The reaction to Allison’s death has only confirmed how sharply times have changed. The millionaire players of Manchester City will don black armbands at Blackpool tomorrow, but how many of them will actually reflect on the man and his achievements as they lock arms and mark his passing with a minute’s silence? Will those Super Sundaying at home participate, or will they use the minute to tweet of their inane anticipation ahead of the game?

In the same breath, Football Focus carried a short feature on Allison before quickly jumping to a piece on Sven. Now Allison wasn’t without his faults, but the chasm of class between the two men couldn’t be greater; whereas something’s genuinely been lost with Allison’s passing, no one will give a shit when Eriksson’s turn comes around. If only Dan Walker had come out with that live on air.

Rest in peace, Big Mal. You were a needle in a haystack.

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