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Here at Seventy Two Towers (it’s not really a tower, never mind multiple towers, but the previous suffix of “dwelling” caused an embarrassing acronym-based episode), there is some interesting information behind the scenes. Every day, a low-flying pigeon arrives through the catflap to squawk at the monkeys as they frantically hammer away at their typewriters.

Lenny Pidgeley, as this winged rat has been dubbed by the playful primates, brings news of the latest search terms that hundreds of disappointed e-nomads and tens of loyal regular readers have used to stumble across the site.

In the interests of customer service, not to mention idle procrastination, one of the monkeys has decided to helpfully list a few search terms that have recently lured people in and provided some answers to the puzzles in their minds.

1. Who are the best Championship fans?

This is a complex question, the answering of which could cause ripples of disturbance across the country. What makes one fan better than another? What makes a whole set of fans better than another? Some clubs have huge regional catchment areas or giant urban populations to call upon for support, while others are handily situated in a central location meaning ease of travel to away games. Nevertheless, the answer is clearly Leeds United.

2. What points to put into an ode?

Hmm. It seems that this particular person was looking for some help with assembling a poem, perhaps in an academic capacity, and accidentally found themselves fired off to a post about Queen’s Park Rangers. Sorry about that – the internet works in strange and mysterious ways. Here is some guidance about the different forms that an ode can take.

3. English Championship since Sven took over

Not sure this is still up to date but one enterprising Leicester City fan has been chronicling the Championship table since Eriksson’s arrival. Failing that, there’s always Statto’s customisable league tables.

4. Best football teams that got down

In what capacity, sir or madam? In a funky style? That Leeds team that got relegated with Viduka and Smith in it was pretty handy.

5. Break the glass ceiling

A post about Barnsley Football Club was probably not what you were looking for here. Again, apologies. A survey of female managers says the glass ceiling is still intact, I’m afraid.

6. FA Cup change

No, stop it. Leave it be.

7. Gary Megson with parachute

Advise that you seek professional help.

8. Where is peterbou

Can only imagine that you’re spelling Peterborough in a new and exciting way. It’s in Cambridgeshire.

9. What football team does Mark Bolton support?

Don’t know. You could ask him though?

10. Liverpool player jersey numbers

Can be found here.

Happy to help!

The Seventy Two
The Seventy Two published an outstanding series of articles about the Football League between 2010-12 and was the brainchild of Leicester City fan, David Bevan. As well as collaborating with The Two Unfortunates on the Football League Blog Network and a mammoth 2011-12 season preview, the site featured a host of leading bloggers and David was rewarded with a nomination in the 2011 Football Supporters’ Federation awards. Latterly, he was joined as co-editor by Joe Harrison and TTU is happy to present this archive of the site’s output.

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